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Southern Forages-Fourth Edition is a 322-page book with over 150 color photographs containing information for successful forage production in the southern U.S. and other areas. The wide readership of Southern Forages suggests that many of the forage-livestock principles covered in the book have no geographic boundaries.

You will also receive the Forage Crop Pocket Guide, a 3 x 6-inch booklet developed by the authors of Southern Forages. Packed with 48 pages of practical facts related to plant characteristics, fertilizer and nutrients, animal requirements, forage quality, weights and measures, etc. Carry in your pocket for easy reference.


Click to enlargeSouthern Forages Book + Pocket Guide + PostersIn addition to the book and pocket guide described above, this packet of material includes The two full-color 24 x 30 in. posters: Forage Legumes and Forage Grasses. Each poster includes 30 photos with seed drawings and descriptions. Appropriate for classrooms, dealerships, seed stores, or on the farm.



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