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COMING SOON: The new 5th edition of Southern Forages will be available Q4-2014.

The book Southern Forages was first introduced in 1991 and has since gained wide recognition as a practical and reliable source of information on modern forage crop management. The Fourth Edition of Southern Forages, released in February, 2007, is an even more valuable book, with extensive chapter revisions, topic updates, and other improvements.

Authors of the book are Dr. Don Ball, Extension Agronomist/Alumni Professor, Auburn University; Dr. Carl Hoveland, Terrell Distinguished Professor, University of Georgia; and Dr. Garry Lacefield, Extension Agronomist/Professor, University of Kentucky.

Southern Forages is written for a wide range of audiences. It is used by livestock producers, by seed, equipment and fertilizer dealers, by Extension and conservation workers, and by teachers as a text for students learning about forages. More than 50 colleges and universities have included the book as a text or resource in forage classes. While the content is focused on forages for the southern U.S., many of the principles and species of plants discussed can be adapted to other regions.

The Fourth Edition of Southern Forages is a 6 x 9-inch paperback book containing 332 pages. It features more than 150 color photos, including over 60 close-up images of grasses and legumes.

Southern Forages 95-1034$35.00


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